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7 Steps for Choosing a Good Event Organizer

Off course you can take a role of event organizer by yourself, but it is going to be difficult. Specially if this is your first event or a big event with many attendees or program. Because you have to plan absolutely each moment of the event starting from guest transportation to the photo editing. That’s why you decided to find someone, who can support you with knowledge and experience in this project. We are talking about event company. However, the work of any event company on your project is not a guarantee of the event success. To make it interesting for attendees and effective for your business you need to choose event organizer thoughtfully and carefully. 

What do you need to ask event company before to choose?

Your evaluation of the event agencies should be comprehensive. And you need to find answers for many questions. But if you follow key steps and ask our suggested questions you can take a right decision.

1. How long has the company been operating in Saudi Arabia?

It will be the first step for you to know. The company who started work only few months ago can hardly compare in quality with a competitor who has been working in this area for 10 years. Indeed, they do not have the necessary practical skills and experience. But there is an exception. The agency itself may be recently opened, but the assembled team may already have sufficient experience accumulated in other companies. These moments are easy to clarify right away if you ask who your project lead will be and what is his experience.

2. What kind of events did the company organize?

Some companies for 15-20 years hold typical weddings, while others organize a dozen of different corporate and public events in a year. Intellectual team building, corporate sports day, company anniversaries, themed parties, and much more. Therefore, it is necessary to find out if this type matches your event and theme.

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3. What subcontractors does the company work with?

No matter how many employees the event agency staff includes, in many situations they need outside help. For some events animators will be needed, for other musicians, or waiters, or bus drivers, or maybe drone operators. Therefore, here you need to figure out whether the contractor has established connections with subcontractors. And whether he can efficiently coordinate their work at the event.

4. How busy is the event agency?

A big number of events in development indicates a high demand for the agency’s services. Which is a plus as it means the quality of their work. However, this is also a minus. If the agency’s staff is busy, then it is necessary to plan the organization of the event as early as possible. Therefore, you need to understand clearly what timeline of the event preparation and risks will be. Sometimes it is better to look for another contractor than to take a risk. You don’t want to fail a project due to a lack of attention to it from the event organizer.

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5. How is the work with the client organized?

This is important to understand in advance if the way of dealing with client is suitable for you. Will you have a contract with agency? And what are the rights and obligations written in it? Will you have a personal account manager who will be coordinating all communications? Will you be able to modify requirements of the event during preparation? Each answer in this topic is matter.

6. What is your first impression of their services?

Always look closely at how the agency works at a basic level of engagement. You can notice how polite is staff and their willingness to dialogue, punctuality during meetings and prompt response to your requests, the quality of preparation of presentations and openness. All this allows you to see a correct picture of the contractor’s principles. If something does not suit you already at the first steps, most likely it will persist later.

7. What is the cost of agency’s services?

Our recommendation here is simple, price extremes should alert you. Unnecessarily affordable prices are a reason to think about what your contractors are going to save on in organizing a corporate party. But also, the highest cost does not guarantee quality. Successful agency will be smart in event budgeting and never go extremely low or high.  

As you can see the plan of selecting an event agency is not that complicated. If you correctly build communication with event organizer, then the choice will be quite simple. We hope this article will help you to take the right decision. Fell free to add Fekra Events to your list of event agencies for your event in Saudi Arabia and GCC. We are ready to answer all your questions and to be tested. Contact us to create your unique event through email or contact form on our website.

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