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Nothing will unite and strengthen the team as jointly experience, especially if this is positive and bright event. Nowadays where are many companies for whom a good “climate” in the team is important. They work with professional team building event organizers like Fekra Events.

Today we’ll talk about how to choose the right team building format suitable for your team.

Step one.

First, define the goals and objectives of team building.

Team building can solve a variety of goal facing the company. For example:

– to improve relationship between different departments, regional and central offices,  or between employees of the same department;

– to introduce and to adapt new employees to the team;

– to format corporate culture;

– to defuse a conflict situation;

– increase the level of trust and mutual assistance between employees;

– increase loyalty to the company, etc.

Step two.

Define the age group of the participants.

This is an important criterion for choosing an event scenario. It is difficult to imagine a fifty-year-old employee who will overcome difficult obstacles. Such training will not be effective. In addition, it can cause serious injury. In this case, any version of the creative direction is suitable. For example, team erudition, cooking, drawing or other topics that are similar in spirit to employees of this age.

If all your participants are people under age of 40, then you can safely arrange an active program with exercises and competitions.

Step three.

Define the budget of the event.

This is the third important parameter for choosing an event scenario. Even with a limited budget, a professional team building organizers can create a successful event. With proper planning and budgeting it’s possible.

These three criteria must be taken into account when choosing a team building scenario. If you use support event company, you will not have any difficulties with the choice of format, venue, show program, etc. We will help you to select the appropriate option.

Team building scenarios

This is the most interesting part. Do you want to spend a fun musical evening? Or divide the team into teams and arrange a real competition of mind, agility, speed? Let’s take a look at the most popular types of team building scenarios to understand it.

Quest. The quest may include dexterity and attention tasks. One thing is for sure – the team acts as one person. The quest can be organized on a spacious outdoor territory like park, beach or indoor in one big hall or several rooms where notes with tasks will be hidden.

Active. Active sports teambuilding is especially suitable for the cold season. Rallying is fast, participants actively spend time and enjoy sports. Sports events often include a competitive element. When competing between teams, participants are more sensitive to their connection with the team.

Intellectual. Some companies like to non-stop develop intellectual level of their employees. Joint problem solving is a good basis for building a team. This type of scenario do not require large space, so the venue selection will not be a problem.

Creative. Some companies want employees to engage in unusual and interesting tasks. For example, drawing a big picture. Participants in teams draw part of the picture, at the end of the event the picture is combined into a single big artwork. After the event, the big picture is often hung in the lobby of the company, as a reminder of the overall success.

Storyline of the team building

The storyline of team building takes the form of a quest, a business game, competitive events. An interesting story captivates the participants, there is a deep immersion in the process. Participants are interested in moving around the story and team building is smooth. Participants try new roles, for example, the role of a detective.

Summing up, we would like to say that preparing team events and achieving its tasks is not difficult, if you consult with professionals in this field. In some companies staff psychologists do a good job of team building events.

You can turn to professional companies like Fekra Events that use modern technology and can create any team building event.

If you have your ideas and suggestions, share them with us. If you want something not like everyone else – we will develop a program individually for you.

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