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Joy Forum was one of the best events that we got the chance to participate in as an entertainment maker. The forum lasted for 2 days (October 13, 14) full of fun and took place at the prestigious Ritz-Carlton Hotel. The number of visitors exceeded our expectations and we got the most wonderful guests that enjoyed our booth and played with their new friend R.Bot.

R.Bot was not only the new friend for them, but it was a reason to move their curiosity and grab their attention. Our little friend started to make conversation, encourage people to interact, help them to get a pose for unforgettable selfie together, dance with kids, and tell about Fekra Events. This little “penguino” knows it all!

Interactive Robot R.Bot now in Saudi Arabia

There was also our new sand table that made every child’s day, the smart table created a beautiful scene along with their enthusiasm. It was very inspirational for us as a team who dies for spreading happiness and joy. We could breathe it then.

Following our believes that “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”, we celebrated with our international partners, leading companies of event industry – Triplan Communication Group, Orion Art, SDI Project, Flash Art and Magic Innovations.

In short, the event was one of our favorite in which our international team co-operated and worked very hard to make it a real JOY event. We would thank all our awesome members that did their best just to spread cheerfulness, and thanks to all the wonderful people who got too know us more visiting our booth, we were excited to have you all.

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