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It is another good news here with Fekra Events, we incredibly happy to announce our new technology, the LCD Transparent Screen Showcase, for the first time in Saudi Arabia.

Actually we take the display services to a whole new level.  Our great LCD Transparent Touch screen helps you to display all your product in a very interactive way. Simply it is a new way to get rid of the boredom of the normal display. This is supposed to create an excellent user experience for your customers.

The Transparent Screen Showcase Concept

Experience the product presentation of the future today: Present interactive digital information on a virtual layer while the product is simultaneously visible inside the showcase behind the transparent touch screen.

Innovative product presentation

Combine digital information on an interactive display with the real 3D object. It can be placed right behind the touch screen and remains visible to your customers.

Key features:
  • Touch screen
  • Highest quality screen
  • Windows or Android System
  • Strong lightning
  • Metal housing
  • Low power/energy efficiency
  • Safety glass

With the increasing demand of the new display technology, a lot of companies around the world stated to use it such as Intel, Puma, Nike, Volkswagen and German Museum where the visitors could engage with the artifacts without damaging them. The technology is so flexible for use for any company objectives.

So if you would like to cope with new technologies solutions in your upcoming events, just contact us. Screen is available for rental and for sale in different sizes.

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