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In our company you can find interactive robots for rent. Robot waiter, robot guide, robot promoter, robot hostess will undoubtedly be the highlight of your event. Branding of robots is possible according to your corporate identity.

Interactive Robot R.Bot

Interactive Promo Robot R.BOT is a great opportunity to attract the attention of the exhibition audience. The robot has a wide range of options and is operated by professional operators online. R.BOT is able to perform the functions of an promoter and consultant. R.BOT can communicate with audience with good sense of humor and to showcase your project using the tablet for presentation.

Robot R.Bot by Fekra Events
Robot R.Bot by Fekra Events
Robot R.Bot by Fekra Events

Robot R.Bot functions:

  • Demonstration of multimedia presentations on the touch screen tablet.
  • Meeting visitors.
  • Interactive communication with visitors.
  • Indicating the direction to the University’s stand for exhibition visitors.
  • Contests, draws and quizzes for visitors.
  • Information consultancy for visitors.
  • Communicate with synthesized voice or real voice of the operators.

Robot V4

Robot V4 could be tour guide or consultant of the event. Robot can remember and recognize the people’s faces, use their name during communication and say personalized greetings.

Promobot V.4 communicates with people, moves autonomously and connects with third-party services and external systems: from databases to applications. The robot is autonomous – it does not need human control for its work.

robots v4
robots v4
robots v4

Robot V4 functions:

Facial recognition (face database – 10 faces by default, can be further expanded).

• Voice recognition.

• Answering general questions and supporting conversations.

• Random movement.

• Random use of pre-added promotional phrases.

• Ability to control the robot with remote controller.

• Ability to move within a designated radius.

• Collection of analytical information.

• Access to the linguistic database (Arabic and English).

• Printing photos.

• Plastic card dispenser (Load capacity 150pcs).

• Integration with payment terminal.

• Printing receipts or coupons.

• Scanning ID/Passport/Documents/Barcodes.

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