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Besides science, virtual reality opens new possibilities in education. VR application range is very wide: from reconstructions of historic battles to visual guidances for the use of devices. We aim to increase effectiveness of many existing educational processes thought the help of virtual reality. Moreover, what is the most important, we see prospects for the creation of many innovative training techniques.

Our objective is to provide complex solutions, which will include unique content for each client.

Creation of virtual tours of different difficulty levels for any real estate: from the studio to the whole block.

Virtual  Tours

Virtual Tours

Full movement around the object, the ability to interact with the external environment (for example, open doors or turn on the water in the bathroom).

– High user engagement.
– Stand out from other solutions.
– Product Development Opportunity.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

We suggest connecting an animated or real character to accompany the project. Thus, we increase user engagement to the maximum.

– Effectively deliver information.
– Opportunity to adapt content for different users.
– Easy integration with VR application or 360° video.

360 Video

360 Video

The fastest and easiest option for visualizing the exterior and interior.

– Fast.
– Cost effective.
– A simple VR helmet is suitable.

Interior Design VR / AR

Allows the user to create the interior themselves. Hover over your tablet or phone to see how you can paste wallpapers, set up sofas, hang lamps – and do it right

– High user engagement.
– Powerful sales tool.
– Used by leading companies.

VR / AR for 360 visualization

Development of non-standard content for creating viral PR campaigns. You can be the first with a unique idea.

– Viral content.
– High-tech company positioning.
– Many possible formats for any purpose.

Entertaining VR / AR

Create entertaining interactive content for event participants, partners, investors. Make your product presentation fun and entertaining.

– Increases company loyalty.
– Not perceived as direct sale.
– Adaptability of solutions.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. For AR projects we develop an applications for mobile and tablet devices which allow users to interact with different objects using the augmented reality.

AR-Tour Guide

This is solution for halls of the museums, exhibitions and events. We install stands with AR label which will link visitors to the AR video. The stand with label can be either a point on the wall or an entire futuristic structure. Therefore, you can choose what suits you best. When visitor hover a tablet or phone on an AR label, the AR Tour Guide begins to talk about the hall / important parts of the exposition, etc. As a character tour guide we can use various options:

Historical character
Real guide

Interesting facts with AR

AR could be used to show interesting facts in form of video animation from the different historical times or about object of exhibition. For this solution will be used stands with AR label which will link visitors to the AR video. In animation could be used several different characters and effects. This solution will enreach visitors experience with entertaining mechanic. Thus, they will be interested in moving from one exhibit to another and learning new and interesting facts.

VR / AR Training Simulators

Our team can develop educational applications for business based on augmented reality technologies. We dive into the scope of your company, study the goals and objectives, draw up a plan for implementation. Training simulators helps to increase the efficiency of business processes, to reduce the number of incorrect actions by personnel, and to avoid important errors.

AR / VR visualization of architectural projects

Visualization of any architectural project in augmented and virtual reality. It is possible to work with different size of architectural projects starting from the room and up to entire cities.
Key features:
– the ability to work with an object on a 1: 1 scale,
– a demonstration of changes in the interior and layout,
– interaction with objects inside the project.

AR / VR visualization of architectural projects

Virtual Tours for Real Estate

With VR technology today is possible to make a virtual tour of the real estate under construction or located far from the place of presentation. For demonstration we can use your 3d architectural project or to make 360 video filming.

Virtual tours can be used for real estate agency websites, allowing customers to look at the property before taking decision of rent or buy.

Virtual Tour for Real Estate

Touristic AR tours

Exploring tourist areas using augmented reality turns classic tours into something unusual. A tourist can see how objects and buildings looked in the past. As part of the project, you can highlight and indicate the main tourist routes to museums, souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants. This allows for advertising integration, which will bring additional income.

Touristic AR tours

Office VR Tour

Offer your visitors a 360 ° video, moving around which they will see comments about the room.
Such a format can favorably pay attention and emphasize those advantages of the object, which immediately
and you will not pay attention. For example, how a similar project is implemented for those who get acquainted with the internal work of a stock exchange company.

AR Navigation

Augmented reality navigation with a simple and intuitive interface, as well as a wide range of development opportunities: a visual guide, tips, promotions, access to a common database and much more.
This solution is suitable for any building and even outdoor areas.

AR Navigation

Promotional materials with AR

Relive calendars, business cards, brochures, flyers, and more with augmented reality. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. This solution is suitable for any business.

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