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What Is Special about the Interactive Sandbox IdesertBOX?

It’s a breakthrough equipment designed for education and entertainment. It improves concentration, social skills, motor development, teaches basic natural world concepts and entertains kids starting from the age of 2. We can use it for interactive lessons about environment, nature and science, about water bodies: waterfalls, oceans, rivers, lakes, about earth core, and many things more!

When it comes to the joy, kids got presented in the image strongly. In Fekra Events, we know well this and try eventually to cope with the increasing demand of new technology that really can leave a great impact in the new modern generation. Yes, it becomes more difficult to impress the Iphone’s generation.

However, the augmented reality got very effective and impressive solutions or better to say technology. Here comes its newest one, the interactive sandbox IdesertBOX.

What is IdesertBOX?

It is a projection formed by realistic textures. Obviously, the main idea behind it depends on dynamic image combining with the sand level and hands movement. It creates a space that allows scenes to take place on the box surface. All are displayed by a top projector.

The box possess large scale of different cool and nice themes, for example:

  • Gardener: in which kids have to plant the seeds, water sprouts and tender plants. That improves their environmental awareness, attentive behavior, teamwork, and creative skills.
  • Island battle: a strategic Island Battle game is designed for two teams. Each team builds its own island. That helps kids to have Strategic thinking, imagination, logic, reaction, and teamwork.
  • Farm: with the help of the scene editor, child can create his own unique farm: arrange farm buildings, garden beds, woods and settle animals there. Without a doubt, that helps the kid to have environmental awareness, attentive behavior, Cognitive and creative abilities, the concept of vegetable crops and garden plants, and cognition of the animal world.

The other themes includes Crystal Planet, Candy Planet, Mushroom Planet, Coloring, Dinosaurs, Shark, Landscape, Volcano, Water Spring, Topography, Ocean Flora and Fauna, Cyclops and Dragons, Artist, Four seasons, Shapes and Colors, Air Balloons, Day and Night, Ice Age, Grid, Base Defense, Safari, and Butterfly Valley.

IdesertBOX for education and therapy

Without a doubt, the main use for this wonderful box is fun, but sand box is got positively exploited in:

  • Development activities for preschoolers
  • Interactive lessons for elementary students
  • Development of motor skills and soft skills
  • Occupational therapy
  • Rehabilitation and sand therapy

All come thanks to the participation of many educators, speech therapists, psychologists in its development’s process.

Available Now for rent and for sale

The good news is that the IdesertBOX is available for rent in Saudi Arabia and GCC area. So, if you have any big kid’s event, make sure to have exclusively this revolutionary technology.

Get more info by emailing Fekra Events on Also, we will be happy to receive your questions or demands about IdesertBOX.

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