Planning corporate events in a pandemic

Planning corporate events in a pandemic

We will remember 2020 for the rest of our lives: the world is changing in the literal sense of the word. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, millions of companies around the planet are transferring employees to remote work, and business and communications are going online. The event industry is also undergoing major changes. Today we can no longer hold events in their traditional form that’s why it was adapted to the new conditions of the game.

In this article, we’ll talk about how you can organize a corporate event today.

Is it possible to make online event interesting and offline event safe?

Online communication does not completely replace offline communication, but it is quite possible to make it interesting. For example, using virtual and augmented reality technologies. And the more the virtual space resembles reality, the more successful the format will be. However, the employer will have to spend money on virtual reality glasses and software.

Online entertainment seems impossible to many people. Especially recent graduations at universities and schools, made remotely. But the format is evolving. For example, at one Japanese university this year telepresence robots received diplomas instead of graduates. They went to the stage to receive diploma and to take photos with the teacher. And the graduates themselves at this time sat at home and watched the ceremony via video link from tablets installed on the heads of robots instead of faces. Not a bad idea for a corporate online celebration.

When planning offline events companies should take care of the legal process. After all, the presence of employee at the event organized by the company is equated to the performance of work duties at the workplace. And if something happens to the employee, the employer will carry the responsibility and costs.

The employer is advised to invite event participants to fill out a standard form. In this form you can indicate that the company recommends that each participant during the event treat their hands with sanitizer and use a facemask. It also makes sense to include a point in this document that people take full responsibility for possible infection. And explain under what conditions the employee will be responsible: if, for example, he has weak immunity. Also, in the same form event organizer can obligate participants to report whether they are carriers of a COVID infection and aware of this from the test results. And to warn that if a participant hid this information and through his fault someone got sick, appropriate measures will be applied to him.

Online events

The massive shift to remote work has made significant adjustments to business processes. Meetings moved online, many business trips were canceled in favor of more frequent calls, and corporate team building did not stand aside.

Many companies successfully run team buildings on Zoom or other similar platforms. Everyone gathers at the appointed time at the computers with their favorite drinks, chat and play games – everything is like a real corporate event.

Open Air corporate Events

With its advantages, online corporate events cannot replace offline communication, and not everyone likes this format. Therefore, companies continue to look for ways to physically bring the team together.

One way to do this is to get out into nature and open air. To do this, you can rent a hotel with nice outdoor space or access to the beach, to organize a trip to the desert or to go for active sports spaces.

Indoor corporate events with limitations

It is possible to organize an event inside your office or in the conference hall of the hotel if you follow certain restrictions on the number of people and the time of the event. It means that instead of one big event a large company can hold several small corporate events, for example, for certain departments.

As we can see, a pandemic is not a reason to cancel your events. If you are ready to follow new trends in event industry our team will be happy to help you to organize your next event online or offline. 

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