Exhibition Technologies

We are experts in high technologies and interactive solutions for events and exhibitions. Our AV engineers are working closely with designers. This helps us find the most creative way to incorporate technology into your booth space. Below you can find some of the modern technologies which we use for exhibitions.

Interactive Touch Screen

Touch screens can be built into the receptions, walls or placed on the stand separately. It is easy to control it by clicking with your fingers, even for children.

Touch screens allow us to demonstrate exhibitor’s services and products in a most informative way. As a content for it could work multimedia presentations, website of the company, high resolution 3D models of the products and custom-made interactive applications.

We guarantee the attention of the visitors to your reception with touch screen.

Exhibition technologies - Interactive touch screen

Large Display LED Screen

We can create LED screens of any size for any content and for any event. The LED screen can be hung from trusses or placed on the ground or stage with back support.

This exhibition technology will attract visitors to your stand with the brightness and dynamism of the video content.

Besides, because of high resolution it is ideal for demonstrating even the most complex images with lots of detail.

It can work 24/7 with low electricity usage. LED screens will allow you to demonstrate any static and dynamic content, including live video broadcasting.

This is a modern alternative to banners, posters with backlit and other advertising solutions of the exhibition.

Exhibition technologies - Large Display LED Screen

Interactive projection walls and tables

With modern technologies and advanced programming our specialists can turn any surface into a touch display. We use Kinect technology to track the motions of the visitors in front of the screen. And we program content on the screen to response on those motions. So, the whole wall is a big touch screen. 

You can open your imagination and create absolutely any content design for this wall interactive screen. For example, it could be a timeline of the company development or a tour to the manufacturing facility. Our 3D designers and motion graphic designers can create beautiful artwork based on your creative idea. 

Exhibition technologies - Interactive projection walls and tables

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a combination of reality and computer-generated elements. This technology started to develop over 8 years ago. At the beginning it was a marker-based solution. That means if you catch a certain image on your phone camera, it will open additional graphic content.

One example of the successful implementation of augmented reality is the game Pokémon Go. This game received over 30 million downloads in less than a month after launch. Pokémon Go had $1.6 million in iOS store revenue per day. The value of Nintendo increased by more than $9 billion. Based on these impressive numbers we can see not only the game’s popularity, but also the public interest in AR technology. 

Do you want to use this exhibition technology for your company booth?  Feel free to contact us and to get consultation. We will help you to find a creative way to demonstrate your products and services with AR. 

Exhibition technologies - Augmented Reality

Photos of our recent exhibition stands

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