Ramadan Gathering Event Management

Project Brief

3D Design Concept

Event Name:
Ramadan Iftar Gathering


Grand Hyatt Al Khobar

Over 1000

Fekra Events, a renowned event planning and production company, recently had the opportunity to showcase exceptional skills in organizing a grand event for TAQA. The event, which was a Ramadan Gathering for the employees of the company, was held at the luxurious Grand Hyatt Hotel in Al Khobar. With our expertise and attention to detail, Fekra Events team left no stone unturned in creating a memorable and successful event for our esteemed client.

The event was a perfect blend of traditional and modern elements, as it took place during the holy month of Ramadan. The venue was beautifully decorated with elegant Arabic-inspired designs, creating an inviting and festive atmosphere for the guests. The team at Fekra Events worked tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of the event reflected the company’s values and culture, making it a truly unique and personalized experience for the attendees.

Elegant Arabic-inspired designs

The event was attended by the employees of TAQA Company, along with their families, making it a special occasion for everyone. The program was carefully planned and executed, with a variety of activities and performances to keep the guests entertained. From traditional Arabic music performances to interactive activities, there was something for everyone to enjoy. The highlight of the evening was the lavish Iftar buffet, which offered a delectable spread of traditional Ramadan dishes.

Attention to details

Fekra Events took care of every aspect of the event, from conceptualization to execution. The team worked closely with the client to understand their vision and requirements, and then brought it to life with their creative ideas and flawless execution. From designing the stage and lighting to arranging the seating and catering, every detail was meticulously planned and executed to perfection.

The event was a huge success, with the guests thoroughly enjoying the evening and expressing their appreciation for the flawless execution of the event. The event not only brought the employees of TAQA closer together but also showcased the company’s commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive work culture.

In conclusion, our team once again proved expertise in event planning and production with our exceptional work for TAQA’s Ramadan Gathering. The event was a true reflection of the company’s values and culture, and Fekra Events succeeded in creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for all. 


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