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Our ingenious friend Robot R. Bot will be waiting for you today at the Joy forum. Fekra Events takes part in this event with great enthusiasm and will be glad to all guests. Robot R.Bot was developed in Russia and this is his debut in Saudi Arabia.

Why Robot R.Bot is a special service for us?

Let’s talk about the Robot R.Bot and know why we consider it as revolutionary service that Fekra Events offers. R.Bot comes as a result of the artificial intelligence and machine learning fields that the kingdom recently decided to establish a dedicated center for them, read more. ( ). That means that the future will be for this technology, and we are celebrating being a pioneer to bring it to Saudi Arabia and make the new generation and other organizations get to know it more closely.

Not just this, but also the robot has many features thanks to its operating system managed by our skilled team and penguin comic design.

The Robot R.Bot is considered as one of the best choices when it comes to entertaining events ‘audiences, through using an installed touch screen, the R.Bot be able to talk with the people, demonstrate all the kinds of multimedia, inform the people about the company services or product features, host people, be a waiter and serve your audiences.

R.Bot at the Joy Forum

The things that it can make? Myriad.
Robot will be your friend who knows everything about exhibition. You can ask him any questions. For example, about Fekra’s services, where you can find our booth or how to cook pancakes. Also, you will have the ability to befriend with it even to tell each other some jokes. Without a doubt, you will find in our robot a very easy dance partner if you are in a good mood. In short, it is an amazing and intelligent entertainment tool.

So, do not miss opportunity to meet Robot, our team and more than 60 international exhibitors from the entertainment field.

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