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There is an opinion that the time allotted for the implementation of a certain project is a fixed value. The difference is how much time you spend on preparation and planning. Let’s try to present this graphically in relation to the preparation of the event.

Event preparation time distribution scheme

What is the difference between these two options? The quality of the final result. If you choose the second option, then it will be cheaper and with fewer errors. Try to devote enough time to planning and preparing.
For a successful high-quality event, special attention must be paid to the accuracy of execution. Why make a plan if you are not going to fulfill it? If you have prepared it, then you must definitely implement it.

Define for yourself all the basic elements of planning:
• goals and objectives of the event
• event concept
• time and place
• time and pace of execution
• ways to achieve goals
• necessary resources and distribution of work: personnel, machinery and equipment, budget
• work with suppliers and subcontractors.

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