Fekra Events Services

Behind each and every successful event, one of the fundamental elements is excellent event management. Our team has many years of experience producing everything you need for event management of all types and sizes. We manage the complete production from inception to execution, and ensure that the event is delivered within budget.

Fekra Events provides for rent a large range of lighting, sound, projection and pyrotechnic equipment for events of any complexity. As part of event management services our team can assist you in selection of a hall for event, professional presenters and performers.

Of course, a truly successful event begins before the linens, lighting as well as flowers. These components are essential for an event, but they certainly don’t interpret the event. Most important, knowing your organization and the reasons for an event lays the exact foundation which ensures your event is furnishing a return on investment.

We have an impressive list of completed projects worldwide including events with a number of visitors over 5 million. Such as Scarlet Sails, Moscow Festival of Light, 3d mapping show in Olympic park in Sochi 2014 Olympic Games, Grand Opening Ceremony of the G20 Summit in St. Petersburg.

Our creative team consists of 30 talents, supported by over 150 AV technical engineers. During big public events, we operate a team of thousands of employees with various professional qualifications.

Fekra Events develops an Event Branding and manage the implementation to create a quality tailored solution for your remarkable event. Because being remarkable is the best way to attract attention.

Create a memorable activation or product launch using the latest available technologies for your event branding.  We can assist you with designing an event that appeals to your prospective customer and is a memorable experience.

If you want people to remember who you are and what your offering, you have to grab their attention and hold it.  And the best way to achieve this is to ‘say it live’.

  • Industries widest range of services and technology.
  • Complete brand activation event solutions, including activation event design specifically targeting audience participation and engagement.
  • Audio, visual, styling and themeing, social media, website and app development.

Our graphic designers will work within the guidelines of your existing corporate branding or can create a new design. Without a doubt, Fekra Events will ensure that the “branding” concept is carried through to all collateral. Event branding package may include printed material, digital event marketing communications and on-site signage.

Furthermore, Fekra Events can create a website themed for your event that enables connection with your audience during the critical communication phases. Well designed website motivates people to attend event, keep your visitors updated during and after event  with news and highlights.

3D Projection Mapping is an amazing mix of visual illusions, unusual colors and elegant music. Indeed, modern technologies allow us to create a 3D model of any object and to make it a base for the video projection.  Any of your fantasies can turn into a beautiful video story in the hands of a talented designer. The result is a magnificent, breathtaking show which will be remembered for a long time.

Without a doubt, 3D Projection Mapping show creates limitless possibilities for creativity on absolutely any surfaces. For example, buildings, vehicles, decoration of the events stages or part of the exhibition stands.

Therefore, nowadays 3D Projection Mapping is increasingly becoming the “highlight of the program”. You can see this incredible show on major cultural events, city festivals and openings of new shopping malls.

Fekra Events offers a wide range of video production services. You can trust our team to take care of everything from event videography through to hire of audio visual equipment.

Whether you want to communicate a message to audience through video, we’re capable of assisting with your video production needs. We can cover requests starting from the record of the customer’s testimonials to live stream video feed of your event.

Obviously, video is an extremely powerful tool that can be used to elicit emotion from your audience and create impact. We’ve seen audiences reduced to tears, laugh, yell and scream all through the use of an impactful and powerful video.

Event video production is powerful no matter for what you use it after all. Whether for an invitation or an awards ceremony a video production can significantly increase the impact of your event. Even more, video can also create a lasting memorable reminder of an event. Thus, a closing highlighting video is a great way to finish an social event and leave your audience on a high.


Fekra Events approaches content with a clear goal in mind, to stand out from the crowd. It’s essential that content is original, with thought-provoking narratives that make audiences walk away with a connection to something new.

Our content directors come from a mixed background of Advertising and Documentary. A blend of skill sets enable them to see a story that keep messages on brand, delivering high impact results.


Fekra’s Television Commercial Production spans many different genres, from dramatic through to tech based, human narrative and comedy. No doubts, our team can optimize production for large resolution up to 8K and deliver to any format required. Pre-production through to Post-production will be done out under the one roof through well developed and maintained processes.


Corporate Video Production has become a great communication tool for companies wishing to reach their customers just about anywhere. Fekra’s focus is to guide companies through the video production process, being open with communication during the creative journey. With an aim to produce original, thought provoking videos for clients, we handle every aspect of the production. Thus, this enables us to deliver corporate video production to our clients that is not just a piece of media. As a result, our videos reaches and engages with their audience, delivering strong outcomes.

Your business needs several stationary items that are required to promote your business through visual appeal & Graphic Design. Our talented designers will create trendy Graphic Design that connect with your customers & enhance the brand image.

Of course, nowadays the most popular on the market of content development there are 3D-graphics and motion design.

New technologies allow us to create special effects or a whole animated works, merge results into a single composition. Even more, we can write a software for various types of interactive installations.

Dazzling graphic design blended with professionalism

Team of experts Fekra Events will carry out a full range of services in this area. Undoubtedly, there are no tasks for us that we would not be able to realize and come up with a suitable solution.

Our team immerse themselves within your business to gain a true understanding of your goals, culture and values. The brand insights and experience we provide through our design thinking offer a clear pathway to business growth and success.

Fekra Events graphic design services include branding, logo design, digital and web design, print design, environmental design and packaging design. Any graphic design we use as tools for strengthening, with the result that enlivening brand stories.


Graphic design Saudi Arabia

The perfect addition to any event... A professional Outdoor Firework Display by Fekra Pyrotechnics.  We pride ourselves on producing high impact, exceptionally high content, custom designed fireworks displays with a commitment to our clients to bring the very finest of pyrotechnic artistry and professionalism to your event. Whether you’re organizing a Ramadan Event, launching a product, getting married, celebrating an occasion or anything in between and are considering having Fireworks at your event, we would love to hear from you and like to thank you in advance for considering Fekra Events. We hope that we have the opportunity to make your event unique and unforgettable. There are many considerations in planning and executing a fireworks or pyrotechnics display, the good news is Fekra Events creates a turnkey production allowing you to focus on all of the other aspects of your event. Planning for each fireworks show starts with collaboration between you and one of our professional fireworks producers. We identify the constraints of your site and  work together to develop a show that will both be spectacular and meet safety regulations. For information, help and advice in arranging a fireworks display for your event, we are always available to talk with you and remember there is no obligation or cost to discussing your plans and ideas with us. Best thing is to give us a call and have a chat about what you have in mind and we will be able to make recommendations accordingly based on your venue, location, surroundings and vision.

Besides science, virtual reality opens new possibilities in education. VR application range is very wide: from reconstructions of historic battles to visual guidances for the use of devices. We aim to increase effectiveness of many existing educational processes thought the help of virtual reality. Moreover, what is the most important, we see prospects for the creation of many innovative training techniques.

Obviously VR is a real breakthrough in the field of promotion and advertising. Here are 360 degrees videos, exhibition stands, virtual showrooms. The list of VR application areas will grow to a dozen pages in a couple of years. Those companies that will implement these technologies today will certainly gain a tangible advantage over the competitors now and in the future.

Our objective is to provide complex solutions, which will include unique content for each corporate client.

Looking beyond the horizon

Virtual reality is a new step of human development, a new sphere of life, a new area of business. We are not able to see the future, but we can look through the spectacle lens of VR-JET. While we do it, we feel that we would like to have virtual reality gloves, virtual reality boots, virtual reality vest, and furthermore, wind blowing in the face, the rain on clothes and other so real virtual things.

Perhaps the world is on the threshold of the transition to an entirely new system of perception, to the new reality. VR-JET is a bridge over the abyss of the unknown, which separates us from the new world.