3D Projection Mapping is an amazing mix of visual illusions, unusual colors and elegant music. Indeed, modern technologies allow us to create a 3D model of any object and to make it a base for the video projection.  Any of your fantasies can turn into a beautiful video story in the hands of a talented designer. The result is a magnificent, breathtaking show which will be remembered for a long time.

Without a doubt, 3D Projection Mapping show creates limitless possibilities for creativity on absolutely any surfaces. For example, buildings, vehicles, decoration of the events stages or part of the exhibition stands.

Therefore, nowadays 3D Projection Mapping is increasingly becoming the “highlight of the program”. You can see this incredible show on major cultural events, city festivals and openings of new shopping malls.


Turn any object, shape or building into a surface for 3D projection mapping.

At Fekra Events, we equip our shows with the powerful Panasonic and Christie high-definition projectors and expertise to create an immersive experience like no other. We use only the best and most trusted technical and AV equipment in order for us to create the high-quality and impactful events that we do. Because of this we embrace 3D Projection Mapping and believe it can truly transform any environment. Our team can turn the most elaborate architectural elements of your venue and project any theme, color, imagery, branding or environment on to it.

3D Projection Mapping is only as good as the content it is projecting. Without a doubt, you can trust Fekra Events and our whole team of talented multimedia designers in-house to produce the right multimedia for your show. All multimedia will be created in conjunction with you to ensure maximum efficiency of all key messages and branded elements.

Fekra Events team offers a full range of services for 3D Projection Mapping:

  • 3D modeling of the building or of the object of installation.
  • Scenario and video content development.
  • Installation of projection equipment and technical support.