Fekra Events offers a wide range of video production services. You can trust our team to take care of everything from event videography through to hire of audio visual equipment.

Whether you want to communicate a message to audience through video, we’re capable of assisting with your video production needs. We can cover requests starting from the record of the customer’s testimonials to live stream video feed of your event.

Obviously, video is an extremely powerful tool that can be used to elicit emotion from your audience and create impact. We’ve seen audiences reduced to tears, laugh, yell and scream all through the use of an impactful and powerful video.

Event video production is powerful no matter for what you use it after all. Whether for an invitation or an awards ceremony a video production can significantly increase the impact of your event. Even more, video can also create a lasting memorable reminder of an event. Thus, a closing highlighting video is a great way to finish an social event and leave your audience on a high.


Fekra Events approaches content with a clear goal in mind, to stand out from the crowd. It’s essential that content is original, with thought-provoking narratives that make audiences walk away with a connection to something new.

Our content directors come from a mixed background of Advertising and Documentary. A blend of skill sets enable them to see a story that keep messages on brand, delivering high impact results.


Fekra’s Television Commercial Production spans many different genres, from dramatic through to tech based, human narrative and comedy. No doubts, our team can optimize production for large resolution up to 8K and deliver to any format required. Pre-production through to Post-production will be done out under the one roof through well developed and maintained processes.


Corporate Video Production has become a great communication tool for companies wishing to reach their customers just about anywhere. Fekra's focus is to guide companies through the video production process, being open with communication during the creative journey. Beyond doubt, with an aim to produce original videos for clients and to handle every aspect of the production. Thus, this enables us to deliver corporate video production to our clients that is not just a piece of media. As a result, our videos reaches and engages with their audience, delivering strong outcomes.