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Fekra Events team provided Sparkle Special Effects for Neom Beach Soccer Cup.

It is summer, our favorite season for its passionate and active spirit that we already got the chance to present in Neom Beach Soccer Cup on 19-20th of July that took place in Saudi Arabia this year.

The natural spirit for this tournament was not a chance just for the people to enjoy, but also an inspiration for us to share special Sparkle effects to encourage people to interact.

As we are obsessive to complete our work in the most perfect way that can be. We were keen to use the latest techniques using a revolutionary effect system. It included 12 sparkle machines with a hi-tech control system.

The used effect system was an indoor and outdoor one, the safest one in the industry as it was a non-pyrotechnic device. It used a cold burning system and brought the event alive with a large plume of silver sparks.

Also, our environment was safe, happy, and clean. We were careful to not disturb it by choosing a complete eco-friendly system. Sparkle Special Effect system considered as the Industry’s first No Smell effect.

Sparkle Special Effects were used for the players’ entrance, game effects for goals, and the trophy presentation.

Indeed the championship was all fun and professional in every sense of the word.  And a new opportunity for Fekra to make a real difference in the events management industry of the KSA.

Sparkle Special Effects for Neom

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