Infographic video production for TAQA

Project Name:
Video Production for TAQA Booth for ADIPEC Exhibition


Al Khobar



Our goal for this project was to create a comprehensive brief that captures the rich history and key facts about TAQA. Working closely with TAQA’s marketing team, we conducted thorough research and meticulously gathered materials to bring their story to life through a captivating video format. We delved into each year of the company’s history to ensure a well-rounded understanding of their journey. To align with TAQA’s brand guidelines, we carefully considered our design approach. Our talented graphic designer created two impactful artworks: an eye-catching timeline showcasing the company’s milestones and a global map highlighting TAQA’s presence worldwide. With these elements in place, we focused on the heart of the project: video production, seamless editing, and captivating animation. The result of our collaborative efforts is presented below in the video. Explore TAQA’s incredible story and discover the essence of their success.