Event Marketing Management in Saudi Arabia

Fekra Events offer a full range of Events Marketing services to promote and to drive your events to success. Because we know precisely how to use communications & the media to sell to your clients and drive up visitor numbers. Our in-house capabilities and talented, experienced staff allow us to effectively promote events ranging from small groups to the largest audiences for both virtual and face-to-face events.

You can measure the impact of event marketing in a number of ways. First of all, you may view purely in financial terms, but  also in the way that creative ideas live on after an event. Event generates social sharing, a greater digital presence, word-of-mouth recommendations and loyal customers.

In fact, the true impact of an event can never be assessed in simple money terms (although those certainly play an important part in calculating immediate ROI). For that reason, our event marketing expertise help our clients to provide cutting-edge promotional campaigns that ensure event success.

Thus, Fekra marketing and creative team is keen to deliver your message and to reach every single person in the perfect way to attract them, and to assure the maximum interaction with your events and brands.

Events Marketing and Branding Services:
  • Event theme development
  • Event branding
  • Digital invitations
  • Event advertising
  • Social media promotion
  • Public Relations
  • Event websites
  • Virtual events
  • Online event registration