VR and AR Solutions from A to Z

VR and AR (Virtual reality and Augmented reality) represent a new stride in human growth, a new sector of life, and an innovative business opportunity. And, without a doubt, it’s an important turning point in the sphere of events, marketing and advertising. Here you will come across 360-degree videos, exhibition booths, and virtual showrooms. In a few years, the list of VR application areas will extend to a dozen pages. Companies who employ these technologies now will undoubtedly gain a tangible advantage over competitors both now and in the future.

Here at Fekra Events we offer two options for user interaction with content: through a mobile application (VR and AR App) and a browser (Web access to VR and AR). 

Augmented Reality

When a person is engaged in the process of generating content by AR, he begins to intuitively associate himself with a brand or event. You may use AR to drag people into the interaction. How to do it? 

AR Presentation on Stage

For those who wish to go beyond what is typical, an AR presentation on stage is an excellent concept.

Imagine you’re on stage, introducing a new product. Each viewer can open a three-dimensional model of the product you’re describing on their phone. For a better understanding, he can zoom it, rotate it, and look at it from all angles.

In addition, you can create virtual animations and special effects that will help in the visualization of complicated topics and to make your presentation more memorable.

AR Product Demos

AR may be used to generate interactive infographics that are projected on top of a product. This technique allows viewers to explore and look into the product in further detail.

This is a very useful feature for exhibitions. It will save you the cost of printing product brochures and visually describe the benefits of the product to visitors.

You can just point your camera at the demo object to read a full description or watch a video about it.

AR Printed and Giveaway Products

AR allows you to connect promotional digital content to printed products or giveaways like trophies using only a mobile device. 

With AR modern technology you can introduce the user to the brand, demonstrate the benefits or simply talk about the product. 

This solution is applicable to almost any product, packaging, booklet, business card or object.

AR Photo zone

Augmented reality is a great solution for creative photo zones. You can create a 3D event logo as in our example, an animated character, a beautiful background and much more.

Everything here is limited only by your imagination.

Virtual Reality 

Virtual reality technology have already shown to be an efficient sales tool in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction,  real estate, tourism, entertainment, education and medical.

Obviously VR is a real breakthrough in the field of promotion and advertising. Here you will find 360-degree videos, exhibition booths, and virtual showrooms. 

Fekra Events is proud of our team of experienced developers and 3D designers who are great at bringing any ideas to life.

Our goal is to deliver complex solutions with individually tailored content for each business client.

VR Development

Immerse yourself in a simulated space with objects and scenes that accurately recreate the real world. Virtual reality reveals a fantastic world and locations to the viewer. It enables the virtual environment to be seen as real.

Our programmers approach their assignment with an understanding of the characteristics that differentiate VR apart from traditional desktop and mobile apps.

To use the VR application, the user only needs to use one or more devices: glasses or a virtual reality helmet, a 3D display, an audio system, a special screen, virtual gloves.

VR development
AV equipment


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