Creative Concept Design for Formula E Closing Ceremony

Project Name:
Event Creative Concept Design for  Closing Ceremony

Formula E



We are excited to present an innovative and unforgettable creative concept for the Formula E Closing Ceremony in Riyadh. Our team combines modern technologies, cutting-edge special effects, and artistic elements to craft a captivating atmosphere that will astonish audiences.

Inspired by the electrifying energy of the event, our experts have meticulously designed a unique experience that seamlessly blends technology, art, and entertainment. The result is a spectacular showcase that takes the Formula E event to new heights.

Using state-of-the-art visual effects, immersive lighting, and mesmerizing soundscapes, we have created a sensory journey that transports spectators into a world of excitement and wonder. This carefully crafted spectacle not only captivates the audience but also celebrates Formula E’s spirit of innovation and sustainability.

To catch a glimpse of the magic that awaits, watch the video presentation of our groundbreaking ideas below.


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