Exhibition Booth Design

The first step to creating an exhibition stand is to create a design in accordance with your requirements. To create a good design requires knowledge of the principles of architecture, modern construction materials, technologies, and AV solutions for content demonstration. It could be a big LED screen or interactive touch panel or hologram. Important role in exhibition booth design plays branding and decoration. Certainly, we follow your brand guidelines and reflect them in design development. Each element starting from the wall to the top logo on the ceiling need to be a associated to the brand.

Exhibition Booth Design

Main features of the booth design

Our priority is to create a functional space which includes all the key features you need. We work with modern construction materials like plexiglass, laminated chipboards, PVC, etc. And we never forget about the importance of light in our designs. Your logo needs to be positioned in the perfect spot and lit up to be visible and attractive for the audience. 

At the design stage, it is necessary to think over a storage space for all types of giveaway and printing materials. Its positioning inside of the booth needs to be hidden and easy to reach at the same time. Also, if the size of the exhibition booth allows us, we create a convenient meeting room. It’s a useful feature for companies with tight meeting schedules during exhibitions.  


Decidedly, It’s the same principle for timing of the exhibition booth design as for any work. The more time you spend on designing, the better the result. Normally preparation for the exhibition stand begins in 3-5 months. During this time, we need to find the best way to demonstrate your brand, products and services inside of the exhibition stand. 

We create turnkey custom-made design projects that go in line with the brand identity and your marketing target for this exhibition.

Our Recent Booth Designs

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