Hologram Solutions

Hologram solutions lets virtual images appear right in front of your eyes without need for special glasses. Depending on the available budget, this is one of the most entertaining ways to intrigue your guests some more, as well as engage and amaze them. Fekra Events offers you amazing holographic projections, advertising holograms, holographic displays and holographic shows. This is a great chance to demonstrate the company’s advancement in the field of high technologies and the latest trends.

3D Hologram Fans 

3D Pyramid Hologram  

Holographic Teleconference

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3D Hologram Fan is a great solution for small budget advertising. It’s an excellent advertising and marketing tool for almost any business. We offer it for rental and for sale with full 3D content design for it and support.

A good solution to attract the attention of the target audience. The combination of a real physical object (product) and 3D video graphics is guaranteed to create a wow-effect.

With Holographic Teleconference speaker can be present in the form of a hologram, his lecture is recorded or live broadcasting from another place. The hologram could be interactive and can also answer questions from the participants. 

Stage Hologram

Water Screens

Hologram Concerts

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Stage hologram is used to create first-class effects during a performance on stage. It is also used to create spectacular shows at weddings, presentations and other events.

Large-scale holographic projection show on a water screen for any events. The screen can be installed in almost any place, not just sea, lake or a pool, but even ground or desert area.

A full hologram concert of any world-wide star. With us it became possible! Large hologram displays are available in different sizes, designs, and colors.