Lightning plays an important role for any event. High -quality light system allows us to create the suitable for event atmosphere, colors. It helps to form certain impressions among event guests.

The second important reason for renting professional lighting system is the opportunity to create a vivid picture for video and photography of the event.

High-quality stage light is important for all type of events. Starting with concerts and ending with corporate presentations. However, not every venue can afford professional light. An effective solution is the rental of lighting equipment with Fekra Events.

Our company offers a wide selection of professional equipment that will satisfy the most demanding customers. In our assortment you will find light equipment LED PARS, Moving Heads, Sharpies, Spots, Follow Spots, Lasers, Fresnel’s, Halogens, LED Strips, Control Board, Trusses, Cables and other accessories.

Our professional staff is always ready to help you choose the equipment and develop an custom lighting design for your event.

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