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Fekra events offers top-notch quality audiovisual equipment, LED screens, and Projector rental in Al-Khobar at reasonable prices. We also provide other audiovisual equipment for events – things like LCD screens, touch screen kiosks, media servers, switchers, OB systems and much more. Additionally, we help stimulate your attendee’s senses using cutting-edge visuals, sound, lighting, and interaction. 

On top of that our 10+ years of experience delivering complete AV solutions such as AV LED screens, projectors rentals in Al-Khobar. Keeping this in mind, drop us a note at Fekra Events for all your Audiovisual, Projector Rental needs in Al-Khobar.

At Fekra events, we believe in creating unique sensory experiences to create a truly successful event package. To harness the power of AV equipment, we create unforgettable environments using the latest technology! By using technology, expertise with a creative edge we transform any day-to-day event into an extraordinary experience!  Pick up a phone and call us at Fekra Events for all your audiovisual needs.

AV solutions for corporate events at your fingertips

Fekra Events specializes in high-quality technical event production execution! Undoubtedly, we will ensure that every aspect of your event is delivered seamlessly.

LED Screens

One of the universal solutions for your event is the LED screen. The LED screen consists of small modules, which have small bulbs – LEDs. We can combine these small modules and create a very large screen for playing your video content on it.
LED screens are delivered in two versions – outdoor and indoor.

They differ in the pixel step, that is, in the distance between the small LED bulbs. For Outdoor, options with a big pixel step are more inherent. Since the distance between the observer and the screen is quite large. And for Indoor it is best to use the option with a small pixel step. Because usually people see a picture nearby.

The short -term rental of the LED screen is the best way to make any event more colorful and bright. 

Any graphic static and dynamic content can be used for LED screen including live broadcasting in high quality.

Exhibition technologies - Large Display LED Screen

Light Systems

Lightning plays an important role for any event. High -quality light system allows us to create the suitable for event atmosphere, colors. It helps to form certain impressions among event guests.

The second important reason for renting professional lighting system is the opportunity to create a vivid picture for video and photography of the event.

High-quality stage light is important for all type of events. Starting with concerts and ending with corporate presentations. However, not every venue can afford professional light. An effective solution is the rental of lighting equipment with Fekra Events.

Our company offers a wide selection of professional equipment that will satisfy the most demanding customers. In our assortment you will find light equipment LED PARS, Moving Heads, Sharpies, Spots, Follow Spots, Lasers, Fresnel’s, Halogens, LED Strips, Control Board, Trusses, Cables and other accessories.

Our professional staff is always ready to help you choose the equipment and develop an custom lighting design for your event.

light systems

Sound Systems

Renting sound systems for the even is always more reasonable budget wise than purchase. Specially if we are talking about a one time event. At the same time, it is important that the equipment is professional to ensure high quality sound. The ambiance of the entire event and the attendees’ first impressions heavily depend on it.

Usually for clients its hard to choose correct set of the equipment for their event. Different venues and types of stage activities requires different sound solutions and set of equipment. 

Issues with selecting a certain installation or alternatives for the equipment’s placement can come up. In this case our experts will help determine the various characteristics of the sound equipment, depending on the venue, purpose of the event and planned performances.

The rental of sound equipment with Fekra Events is affordable and at the same time high quality equipment. On the account of our company, there are already dozens of successful projects related to ensuring perfect sound solution, whether it is forums or performances.

sound systems

Touch Screens

Touch screen is an effective way to involve event participants in any activity. Intuitive control is easy to use even by kids. The modern touch screen has compact aesthetic design and can be used both outdoor and indoor. 

Here at Fekra Events we have variety of touch screen sizes available for rent. Starting from 32 inches and up to large  85 inches. 

Guests of the event will be able to find out all the information about the company on the tips of their fingers. All they need is to follow intuition and simply to click. 

Exhibition technologies - Interactive touch screen

Photos of our recent touch screen projects

AV equipment


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