Event Design Services and Production in UAE

Fekra Events expands with new branch in UAE, offering one-stop event management and production

We are thrilled to announce that Fekra Events, a renowned entity in event management, is expanding its horizon and opening a new branch in the United Arab Emirates. Our company is known for our exemplary services in marketing, event design and production, AV equipment rental,  graphic design and video development. We are committed to delivering comprehensive event solutions from A to Z. This expansion marks a significant milestone in our journey, allowing us to bring our innovative and creative approach to event management to a new and dynamic market. 

Our vision for the new branch in the United Arab Emirates is to replicate and enhance the same level of excellence and innovation we’ve been known for in KSA. We aim to become the go-to solution for event management, providing inclusive services from AV equipment rental to comprehensive event design. We’re excited to bring our unique blend of creativity and professionalism to the vibrant and diverse market of the UAE. As we venture into this dynamic environment, we are committed to fostering strong relationships with local partners, understanding the unique needs of our clients, and tailoring our services to create memorable, impactful events that truly stand out.

Expanding Our Reach: Introducing Event Design and Production Services in UAE

Cultivating strong relationships with local partners is a crucial aspect of our expansion strategy. We intend to actively invest in local communities, understanding their unique cultural nuances, and adopting a collaborative approach to meet their event needs. Fekra Events is committed to local sourcing of materials and services, which not only boosts the local economy but also helps us form strong alliances with local suppliers and contractors. Frequent communication, transparency, mutual respect, and reliability form the foundation of these partnerships. We also plan to participate in local events and trade shows, offering our expertise and support, which we believe will further solidify our presence and foster lasting partnerships in the UAE market.

We are looking forward to bringing our expertise and innova to the UAE. With our commitment to offering outstanding event management solutions, coupled with a focus on local sourcing and strong partnerships, Fekra Events is set to make its mark in the vibrant events industry of the United Arab Emirates.

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